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General SEO Advice


Please do note that these are suggestions. We cannot guarantee traffic flow or leads to your website. Your website is an excellent tool, but like any other tool it is important that you take the time to educate yourself on the different types of web information available to you and the skill how they can help you be successful for your online business. 


1. Google Analytics

 - What is it? 


 - How to implement it?

You can add the Google Analytics code to your website following these steps; 

Go to your Admin Menu, 

Go to Traffic Report, next to Google Analytics. 

Copy the code given to you and paste it into this section. 


How to Google Analytic to site (Nice to Know - some work/research)



2. Meta Tags

- What are they?


- How to implement them?

To access your Meta Tags, make sure that you are logged into your iHOUSE ELITE admin menu. 


Click the ‘settings’ button on the left hand side of your screen. 

Next hit the ‘Meta Tags’ button at the bottom of the page.

Here you will see three boxes: The first is for the Meta Title.


Meta Title will appear at the top of your website, as well as the linked information that appears in your search result. You want to use this information to catch peoples attention to your site as this is typically the first thing they will see.

The meta description section is for a overall summary of your site. Here you will want to go over your companies information, where you sell homes and what kind of homes you sell. Try to be as specific as possible when entering in this information, the more specific you are the higher your rankings may be when they search for that area.

In the Meta keywords section, you are going to want to put in specific keywords that appear in your site that are relevant to your page. So if a certain city comes up a lot on your homepage, you would want to add that into the keywords. 

We also have a video overview of the Meta Tags and Keywords:



3. Facebook/Twitter/QR Code/Google Plus+, Linkadin

Social networks are becoming increasingly important to build a client base for all 21st century businesses. Adding a “like us on facebook”  or “Find us on Twitter” link brings in fresh traffic and keeps your clients updated on new upcoming events/news. You can simply find these company logo’s on a Google image search, upload them to your website, and turn them into a hyperlink pointing to the appropriate social network. Some companies like Facebook actually provide you with specialized code called “Badges” which you can receive from them and implement on your site. 


Here are a view videos for you:








4. Saved Searches

Saved Searches are a great way to feature searches that your website visitors often look for. Visitors will love how easy it is to use your site to find their dream home! Not only do these benefit your clients and makes your site easy to use, but it creates more linking pages which is good for Search Engine Optimization and getting your website seen by Google, Bing, etc. 

To create a Saved Search, first make sure you are logged into your account as the website Administrator. You will know that you are logged in as an Administrator if at the top of your page it says “Welcome {Your Name}” and also has a link to “Admin Menu”. Now, go to one of your IDX search pages (Quick Search, Map Search, or Advanced Search). Once you are on your search page, simply enter the criteria for your search and then hit “Search”.

In the top right corner of the search results page you will see a “Save Search” link. Click this link, enter a name for your search, select whether or not to receive HouseTrack emails for the search, and then click the “Save Search” button. You will see a confirmation message that your search has been successfully saved.

To create a Saved Search Page for this search, go to your Pages tab in Edit Mode. Click the “Add a new saved search page” under the “Saved Search Pages” section. Enter a name for the new page and select your search from the dropdown menu of saved searches. Select which locations your page link will show (main navigation menu and/or footer) and then click the “Save this page” button. You will be taken to your new Saved Search page. In edit mode, you will have to click the “view the search results” links to see your search results. Other visitors will be taken directly to the search results. 

Creating a Saved Searched (Definite)


How to add a Saved Search to your iHOUSE



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