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7 Reasons Our "NEW" Elite Website is Right for You and Your Office

   1.  An Elite Office website is not just for a broker or the office as a whole. It includes fully functional websites for individual agents in the office too!

   2. Listings can be automatically added to the main Office and Agent Websites!

   3. Each Agent Website can be edited and customized to fit the agent’s individual needs.

   4. Leads are automatically distributed to agents in an intelligent manner.

   5. One central control can send/syndicate everyone’s listings across the Internet to the sites homebuyers are searching (Yahoo! Real Estate, Zillow, AOL Real Estate, etc.)

   6. Your Office Website includes an Agent Directory Section with unlimited Agent Bio pages.

   7. An Elite Office Website with integrated IDXPro can also give your agents their own lead generating IDX MLS Search pages!

iHOUSE Website Frequently Asked Questions

1: How are iHOUSE Elite Websites™ different from other template real estate websites?

Elite Websites™ are the newest, most cutting edge real estate websites available. Elite’s contemporary layouts are the best designs in the industry and are easily customized. An Elite Website is also a big time saver. Key features, such as adding listings and syndicating them across the web, are automatic! No other website provider can compete with Elite’s impressive features!

2: Is the Test Drive really free with no obligations?

Yes! All iHOUSEweb Test Drives are completely risk-free. We don’t share your information with anyone and we never collect credit card information until you actually decide to purchase our product. And if you decide not to purchase, your Test Drive automatically expires after 14 days.

3: Will my site be found in search engines such as Google and Yahoo!?

Yes! We will submit your website to Google and Yahoo! to help the search engines find your website faster. The faster the search engines visit your site, the faster buyers and sellers will find you!

4: Will iHOUSE Elite work with my current domain name and/or email?

Yes! You can use your existing domain and email with your new iHOUSE Elite Website. You can even setup everything right from your Elite Admin Menu. But if you don’t already have a domain name or email, don’t worry! We can register a new domain for you and your iHOUSE Elite Website comes with free email service!

5: How does your listing syndication feature work?

Our listing syndication network comprises the most popular home search sites on the web – Yahoo, Google, AOL, Zillow, Trulia and more. When you have a new listing, you can select which websites it will appear on. All subsequent listings will automatically be sent to only those websites you selected and when your listings are sold, they’ll automatically be removed too!

6: Will iHOUSE Elite automatically add my listings for me even if I don’t have integrated IDX?

If you belong to one of the 350 MLS boards that we currently work with, your Elite Website can update your listings page for you even if you do not have IDX service through us. However, if we do not work with your MLS, we may not be able to add your listings for you. Contact Me to find out if we service your MLS.

7: Can I update my website without contacting Customer Support?

You bet! We pride ourselves on creating products that are easy to use. Our editing system allows you to make changes to your website anytime you want, without having to contact anyone. But if you ever need assistance, just contact our Customer Support, available 7 days a week by phone and email to answer your questions!

8: Is there really no limit to how many pages I can create on my website?

If you create a unique online real estate resource for your area, more power to you! Extensive, unique content can work wonders with homebuyers, sellers, and even search engines. So no, we do not limit the number of pages you can add to your website.

9: Can I customize the look of my homepage?

Yes! First pick from our huge gallery of layout designs and colors. Once you’ve found your favorite design, you can customize the content and the main graphic banner. We have a huge library of images for you to choose from, including animated flash banners for extra zing! You can even create your own custom banner and add it yourself! Or if you’re not up to making your own banner, one of our professional graphic designers can do it for you (see FAQ #10)! As you can see, there are tons of options with iHOUSE ELITE!

10: How do I get a Custom iHOUSE Elite Website?

Once you have signed up for an Elite Website, you can have one of our professional graphic artists design a custom banner image for your homepage. Simply click on the Account section of your Admin Menu and click the “Buy custom graphics – $200” link. Follow the steps and in no time your website will have an exclusive look!

11: Can I get help with learning how to use my new Elite Website?

Of course! When you signup for iHOUSE Elite, you will be automatically enrolled in our Personal Training Program. One of our Personal Trainers will setup a time to walk you through your new website. Plus, we offer unlimited, friendly Customer Support 7 days a week to answer any of your questions! And don’t forget our Online Help Center.

12: Do I have to get IDX with my website? What are the advantages?

No, integrated IDX is an optional feature. Our Elite Agent Express accounts do not come with built-in IDXPro. However, IDX features are an important part of any real estate website and an Elite Website with integrated IDXPro means that you will have the powerful lead generating features of Teaser Registration, greater visitor to client conversion with LeadTracker, and better lead retention with automatic email listing updates.

13: What information does IDX give me about my visitors?

Elite’s LeadTracker tool comes with a Client Activity Report detailing who is searching for what, when, and how often! LeadTracker integrates your contact manager with HouseTrack, capturing all the details of the homebuyers searching on your site so you can follow-up appropriately.

14: Will HouseTrack™ notify me of what listings my prospects are receiving?

HouseTrack is a fully automated email update program that helps you capture leads and notifies your registered users of new and updated listings that match their search criteria. Stay in the know with your potential clients with the help of HouseTrack!

15: Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely yes! No contracts! No cancellation fees! No questions! We want to earn your business every month, not lock you into a contract. If you wish to cancel your account, just contact us and we’ll shut it and any billing down. You’ve got nothing to lose, so Take a Free Test Drive today!

16: How do the Elite Office Packages work?

Elite Office packages include a main Office Website as well as 5, 10 or 25 single Agent Websites. In other words, you can give every agent in your office their own fully loaded Elite website, including great features like auto-detected listings and listing syndication. And since you’re providing your agents with a complete individual website, you can even charge your agents for that service if you choose.

17: If I have an Office Pro package, do I get IDX on all my agent sites too?

The Office Pro package includes integrated IDXPro MLS Search on both the main Office Website and on all single Agent Websites associated with that account. You can choose from 5, 10 or 25 Agent Website package levels, or add even more Agent Websites if you have a larger office. Each of these IDX enabled single Agent sites are powerful lead generators complete with their own LeadTracker™, HouseTrack™ emails, and more. Please Contact Me for more information.

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